"Embarking on my Data Analytics Journey: A Portfolio of Early Efforts"
Data Analyst well versed in SQL, Python, Tableau, Power BI .

April 25, 2023

Welcome to my data analytics portfolio website! I am a highly qualified data analyst with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Post-Degree Diploma in Data Analytics from Douglas College Canada. With a strong foundation in computer science and a keen interest in data analytics, I am passionate about analyzing complex data sets and providing valuable insights that drive business decisions. During my time at Douglas College, I gained hands-on experience in data analytics tools such as R, Python, and SQL, and worked on several real-world projects using big data. My portfolio showcases a selection of my best work, including data visualization, data mining, and predictive modeling. I invite you to explore my portfolio and learn more about my skills and expertise in the field of data analytics..

Analyzing Healthcare Data in Power BI

In this Power BI case study, the focus is on improving efficiency in healthcare while maintaining the quality of patient care. This case study addressed a wide range of subjects, including data modelling, exploratory data analysis, root cause analysis, DAX calculations, and report creation.


Project Emphasize on expertise in NLP and text analysis. Discuss how you processed and analyzed the extracted textual data from articles to compute various variables, such as sentiment scores, complexity metrics, and more .